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Our People

Our people are very important to us, as is making certain we provide you with the best possible professional financial advice. Below is a short biography for each of our colleagues together with their contact telephone number. For further contact details please see our "Contact Us" page.

Andrew Earles APFS
Andrew Earles APFS, Practice Principal, Chartered Financial Planner, Pension Transfer Specialist
Tel. 024764 47100
Email. future.perfectopenwork.uk.com
Andrew Earles assists in the development and performance of a select group of professional financial advisers. He has over 20 years’ management experience and now specialises in mentoring and coaching Financial Advisers to ensure that they fulfil their true potential.
Along side this Andrew is a Chartered Financial Planner, specialising in Pension Transfers not just for Future Perfect, but for many Openwork firms.
Of course this is not the end of Andrew's study, part of becoming a Chartered Financial Planner is a commitment to keep that learning both current and relevant to ensure Future Perfect clients can be confident that they are always in receipt of top quality and professional advice.
Torsten Hart
Torsten Hart, Principal Partner
Tel. 02476 447100
Email. future.perfectopenwork.uk.com
As the main shareholder and director of Future Perfect, Torsten’s focus is to build the business through the continuous improvement of our proposition for clients, advisers and staff.
Kyle Adams DipFA
Kyle Adams DipFA, Financial Adviser
Tel. 02476 447100
Email. future.perfectopenwork.uk.com
Kyle Adams is an experienced Financial Adviser, whose philosophy is to make client relationships very much a two-way affair. He focuses on regular dialogue with clients, to keep them informed and so that they are comfortable knowing that their well-being is at all times Kyle’s key priority.
Daniel Cottam
Daniel Cottam, Financial Adviser
Tel. 02476 447100
Email. future.perfectopenwork.uk.com
With an ever changing environment and changing client circumstances, Daniel Cottam feels it is essential for clients to create a financial plan so clients can achieve their goals and then, more importantly, to review those plans regularly to ensure they remain up to date.
Pippa Cross
Pippa Cross, Administrator
Tel. 02476 447100
Email. future.perfectopenwork.uk.com
Pippa is a highly experienced administrator, having worked in financial services since 1987 and having been with Future Perfect since 2007. She works with a team of Financial Advisers, providing them with admin support so that they can concentrate on providing on-going advice to clients face-to-face.
Andrew Dix DipFA
Andrew Dix DipFA, Financial Adviser
Tel. 02476 447100
Email. future.perfectopenwork.uk.com
Andrew Dix joined Future Perfect in 2013, having worked for several start-up companies. His specialist area is Financial Protection for individuals and small businesses. He always aims to provide the best service possible, working together with clients to identify their needs and putting in place suitable solutions.
Jitesh Jagatia
Jitesh Jagatia, Financial Adviser
Tel. 02476 447100
Email. future.perfectopenwork.uk.com
Jitesh Jagatia qualified as a financial adviser in 1987 and joined Future Perfect in 2004. He has in-depth knowledge of commercial finance, residential and buy-to-let mortgages, life and critical illness cover and home insurance. Most of Jitesh’s business comes from personal recommendations from his long-standing and satisfied clients.
Michael Muir
Michael Muir, Financial Adviser
Tel. 02476 447100
Email. future.perfectopenwork.uk.com
With over 10 years’ experience specialising in the Mortgage and Protection field, Michael Muir’s in-depth knowledge of lenders’ underwriting criteria means that he can often place difficult or unusual mortgage cases. All his business comes from his existing clients, personal recommendations from them and introductions from Wealth Managers and solicitors.
Michael Mullen-Hughes DipFA
Michael Mullen-Hughes DipFA, Financial Planning Consultant
Tel. 02476 447100
Email. future.perfectopenwork.uk.com
Michael Mullen-Hughes has been a Financial Planning Consultant with Future Perfect since 2008. His emphasis is on understanding client’s current situation and goals very thoroughly before making recommendations. He is committed to maintaining long-term relationships with clients so that he can help them progress in achieving their goals.
Morgan Wilson DipFA
Morgan Wilson DipFA, Financial Adviser
Tel. 02476 447100
Email. future.perfectopenwork.uk.com
Morgan has been a Financial Adviser for 7 years and prides himself on giving his clients the best possible personalised service to ensure that the products they have are the most suited to their needs. He is married with two young children aged 3 and 1. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family who are very important to him.
George Platts
George Platts, Financial Adviser
Tel. 02476 447100
Email. future.perfectopenwork.uk.com
Having a unique background in the Hospitality industry, George believes in providing the best customer care possible, ensuring his clients are comfortable and have a complete understanding of their situation at all stages.
George’s philosophy is that you need to have an Adviser you can trust and establish a long-lasting professional relationship with. Somebody who really wants to understand your goals and objectives both now and in the future.
Graeme Moorhouse BSc Cert CII (MP)
Graeme Moorhouse BSc Cert CII (MP), Financial Adviser
Tel. 02476 447100
Email. future.perfectopenwork.uk.com
Starting his financial career in the Costa Del Sol, helping ex-pats with their pensions, Graeme completed most of his UK financial exams in Gibraltar. Gaining a wealth of knowledge around investments and mortgages in more than one country, Graeme is a well rounded individual equiped with the tools to solve any problem. Often called the gymnast of finance, Graeme is very flexible able to fit appointments round your busy lifestyle. Still being young and semi-fresh-faced he has the capacity to be your perfect adviser now, and in the future, making your Future Perfect.
Laurence Scott
Laurence Scott, Financial Adviser
Tel. 02476447100
Email. infofutureperfectfs.co.uk
Laurence has always had a keen interest in matters of finance and so a career providing Professional Advice was almost inevitable. The service that he offers is thorough and conscientious and puts the understanding and engagement of the client at the heart of the process.
Good financial planning is not a one-off, quick fix and requires regular attention as our circumstances change over time. Clients can therefore take comfort in knowing that Laurence will always be on hand, to help deal with whatever life throws at them.

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